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Excellent Breakfast!

Instant Wheat Porridge has always been My Favorite Breakfast Choice! Enhance the Porridge with a Tablespoon of Hot Chocolate powder and Milk, and Our Chocolate Porridge is Amazing! Mix it with Raisins, Dried Strawberries/Dates, Almonds, Pistas and Cashews for Fruity Experience!

Very Healthy Breakfast Meal. Body Builders and Athletes should really try it as a quick grab. It's Gluten and Glutenin are extremely Digestive. v

Pour the Porridge On Milk for Crispy bites...........Pour Milk on Porridge for Soft Mouthful.


It is good, Tasty, and Healthy. It is part of my Breakfast.

Convenient and delicious

I have been using it for a long time. It is a go-to breakfast, snack, and dinner for us whenever we are running busy. I was glad to find it online, as the supermarkets in the new place I moved to, didn't stock them.

Very nice

Excellent Gluten-free breakfast

My kids & I have been thoroughly enjoying our ragi crispies for breakfast. Being gluten & dairy intolerant, we are limited in what we can eat. So glad we came across Murginns. Will be ordering more for sure!

My go to breakfast

I love it so much that it has become my goto breakfast. You can pair it with milk or yogurt or some fruits and have it just like that. It’s a great way to stop eating junk food and have it as a snack when you feel hungry during tea time.

Didn't enjoy the taste

I like the idea of ragi cereal but I feel the flavour needs to be improved. The ragi flavour is vwey apparent and the chocolate flavour d9esnr come through enough. They are excessively crisp and don't soften even in warm milk - It gets uncomfortable to eat.

Yummy & healthy

No compromise with taste along with the field of healthy! I usually eat it in a milk keeping it for few minutes to let it soak.

Ragi crispies? Tried it ...

I love everything about this cereal, the cruchiness it retains even after soaking it in milk for a long time to the taste. The only thing i was concerned about was the 16% sugar content for its taste, jaggery could have been a better option or dates powder perhaps. It would have been a game changer..


Used for long. It's tasty and nice. A bit expensive

Energy Bites Variety Pack
Mohammed Indore Wala

I expected these to be something not that great but nutrition wise they were very good and taste wise too i can say they were great considering how nutritious they were u can expect that punch that sugary sweets gives you. But all in all they were amazing. P.s. There were eight but i ate 2 so there are six in the picture.

amazing product

I don't think there would be a healthier, tastier n filling option available in the market, loved the product.

Healthy & Tasty Cereal

My daughter really loves it and is very healthy at the same time tasty and which I impressed most is the natural sugar content in it ..really a genuine review from my side as it is good, healthy and with healthy content ..

I'm loving it!

I have been purchasing this since my hostel days and I'm pleased that the product quality is still so great!!


Children loved it!

Chocolate Lovers Combo
Gursehaj Singh Mehta
All in all a good product.

I bought the product after going through the ingredient list and the nutrition facts , and finding mostly organic and natural stuff,and after trying it , it tastes pretty good too.The only honest thing i would like to advise is on the quantity on the Chocolate Millet flavour,like add 1 more little serving to it like 20-40 grams,and it will be a more bang of a buck deal. Otherwise a very good job done guys,how can i invest in the company,haha?

Tasty and good product

Ragi Porridge

I’ve tried the Wheat Porridge before, but this was my first time trying the Ragi Porridge and it’s the perfect way to start your day. If you notice the bowl is empty, that’s because that’s how good it is - meant to take a photo before I started eating it, but was too good to not demolish the bowl!


I'm not even kidding, I've been hooked to this. This is my go-to breakfast now. It's actually really delicious and filling. ❤️

Worth the money

LOVE IT. But it doesn't stay in stock all the time.

This time not so nice!

I have been purchasing Murginns pretty frequently.. but this pack was very damaged and powdery than the normal flakes I have had before! It also has some kinda black bits that I have not observed before! This one time was not good at all!

Loving it

Its an healthy and tasty breakfast option. And i also like to have it as an ice-cream topping.

Great taste. Just remove sugar completely, please.

Awesome taste

I am a huge fan of the brand


I like all the products by Murginns, the products are tasty as well as healthy on the other side price is also Good. My kids love you. We wish your company would go high

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