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Coconut Milk Chia Pudding Parfait

We love a good meal prep! There is no feeling more satisfying knowing that all you have to do for your breakfast is assemble a few layers. This is why we love chia puddings. The humble chia seeds instantly becomes a full meal. Here's how we make ours: 


  • 1/4th cup Chia Seeds
  • 3/4th cup Coconut Milk ( or any other milk of your choice)
  • Fresh Fruit ( we have used pomegranate)
  • Murginns Triple Berry Millet Granola 
  • Maple Syrup or Honey to add more sweetness if you want 


  1. In a bowl mix together the chia seeds, coconut milk and maple syrup. Combine it well
  2. Cover and refrigerate overnight or till the chia pudding is thick and creamy. Adjust your quantities if required 
  3. In the morning layer it up with some fresh fruit and top it off with some crunchy berry granola to create the most wholesome breakfast

Chia seeds are rich in Fibre, Healthy fatty acids and are excellent for your digestion. You can switch it up by adding some cocoa powder to create a creamy chocolate chia pudding. Top it off with our Dark Chocolate and Almond Millet Granola for the perfect breakfast and dessert option! 

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