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Millets are grown widely around the world and are one of the oldest foods known to humans. In India they have been part of our local food culture where we grow Jowar, Ragi, Bajra, Samak and many more. Forgotten by the urban population for a long time, we are now seeing a rightful resurgence in millet consumption. 

An important feature of millets is that they require much less water to grow than rice and wheat and are usually cultivated in semi-arid regions. Due to their high resistance to harsher climates, millet production and consumption is sustainable for the environment as well as for the farmer growing it. Millets are also gluten free and providers of vital nutrients like Calcium, Vitamin B, Iron, Phosphorous and many other key micronutrients. 

At Murginns, we believe that the future of both food production and consumption should be sustainable. We aim to make delicious food while also supporting a sustainable food system


Okara is the pulp of soybeans recovered during our tofu production. Often overlooked, we decided to upcycle this delicious pulp into our granola. Not only did we recover protein and fibre we also found that okara adds the perfect crunch to our granola. It is gluten free, high in fibre and protein and the perfect hero ingredient.

At Murginns we wanted to reduce our impact on the environment, which included fully utilising all our ingredients. With a little magic we are left with this nutritious and sustainable ingredient. 

Just as all food should be, Okara is both good for you and for the planet

It adds a unique crunch to our granola. Give it a try.

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